tray indentations provide no support for drink cups 

sturdy but flexible rear hook to accomodate seat pocket thickness

tension clamp with friction grip to hold drink in place on tray table

3" internal ring diameter

After spilling yet another coffee on a plane trip 2 years ago, I asked what many people have: "why don't airplanes have cup holders?" The first commecial airplane flight was on January 1, 1914. In that 101 years, no seat maker or plane manufacturer has come up with a mass use cup holder for use during take off, landing and during flight. It is more perplexing given the introduction of a Starbucks or other coffee or drink retailer in every terminal of every airport in every state in the USA.

That is why we invented the BevTender. So anyone traveling can secure their beverage to the seat or tray and enjoy their flight without the worry of it spilling and allow them to read, work and play while in flight.

Why Did we invent this?

1/4' hook opening

3/4" clamp width

designed around most common coffee cup and seat dimensions