OH 4 Armrest

Cup Pilot

There are four other cup holders in the skies today that compete with the BevTender. They are the Cup Pilot, the OH 4 Armrest cup holder, the Vector and the Hallere Inflight cup holder. All work to hold a drink while in flight but also have the drawback of not being dual function, are expensive, are bulky to store or are problematic to actually use. 

  • Cup Pilot: Works while being hooked to the tray table when up, but does not work while table is down. The passenger would need to lift the tray to get to their drink.
  • OH 4 Armrest: Allows for drink storage on the armrest, but the armrest is not 100% yours when on a plane. Its your fellow passengers too. It also can be bumped by passersby and by your neighbors when getting up to leave the seat during flight. It also is difficult to remove and reattach multiple times during flight.
  • Hallere Inflight: Similar in design to the Bevtender, but only single use. Cannot be attached to the tray while in flight to hold your drink while the tray is down.
  • Vector: It is expensive, metal, and above all else, not very usable given the small amount of space between tray tables. It is also requires the drink be removed from the holder before you move it to accommodate passengers.

Competition in the skies

Hallere Inflight