Given the relatively young market for inflight cup holders, the market is large and at this point untapped. Consider the following:

  • 743 million: Number of flights flown by individuals in 2013 according to the FAA.
  • 99%: Percentage of people who bring a drink or are offered a drink on commercial flights in the U.S. ( The 1%, you know who you are!)
  • 3 hours: Average duration of a U.S. based flight.
  • Space: At 5 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches, the Bevtender is small and takes up very little space on shelves, display cases and carry-ons. Contrasted with neck pillows, which are bulky to display, the cost to store inventory is low.
  • Need: Given the short flight duration of U.S. based flights, neck pillows for sleeping are in low demand. Conversely, given the number of passengers who bring a drink or are offered one, cup holders are in high demand.
  • Expensive: Airlines don't provide cup holders because the don't care. To retrofit all the airplane seats in use today would be very expensive. Although some of the new planes have a flip down cup holder, like the 787, they are few and far between and not likely to be expanded anytime soon to existing planes.
  • Low cost: The Bevetnder is the same price as two Starbucks double shot, half caf, not fat pumpkin spice lattes or two tiny bottle adult beverages on any airline in the skies. 
  • Colors: With two color options, the possible combinations are infinite!


be this passenger...

compact packaging for display and storage.

not this passenger.