slide onto your desk and keep your drink out of your electronics


take it with you and use on your shopping cart.

Works on commuter as well as passenger trains.

hangs form the seat pocket in your car or SUV. 

Thanks to our customers, we have received other ways and places for the BevTender to be used that we hadn't originally thought of, but work great as well! Pretty much any place you have a seat back pocket, a tray table or any other area to hang or slide the BevTender, you are good to go. Thanks Customers and keep the ideas coming!

  • Car seats
  • Train seats
  • Boat seats
  • Shopping carts
  • Desks
  • Tables

Other uses

holds standard airline plastic cups securely to avoid spills due to turbulence or errant hands.

holds your drink to the side of the tray so that you have room for your work or other items.

for non coffee cup containers, lean forward and secure your drink to the tray.

Hang on your seat during takeoff. allows room for your tablet, books and magazines in the pocket.

The Bevtender was designed to be used in three different ways while in flight. The design provides three advantages to the passenger.

  • Ease of Access: The BevTender allows the owner to access their drink without having to rearrange the tray or seat pocket.
  • Sanitary: The seat pocket is the repository for the prior passengers' garbage and air sick bags. The Bevtender keeps your drink clean! Check out this article, if you dare!

  • Space: The BevTender allows the seat pocket to be used for things like books, magazines and tablets, instead of your drink. It also frees up the tray to allow for you to work, play or dine.

How to use